​50th anniversary exhibition
50th anniversary exhibition 
12.6 Fri. −  21 Sat.
11:00-19:00 Closed on Sundays
創業50周年展の第一弾として、当画廊で個展を中 心に発表している作家たちのグループ展を開催致 します。「 吉祥」をテーマに、皆様の願いが叶うよう な縁起の良い新作の展覧会を予定しております。 
As the first exhibition since the fiftieth anniversary of our founding, Hirota Fine Art will present a group exhibition consisting mainly of artists who have held solo exhibitions with the gallery in the past. The theme of the exhibition will be “good fortune” and we expect a number of new works that will inspire good luck for all.
大島真由美《福禄寿》 6F
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