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聖夜の贈り物 小品日本画展
Gifts from the Holy Night – An Exhibition of Small Nihonga Paintings 
12.10 Tue.− 21Sat. 12.6-9常設展
10:00-18:00 12.6は18:00まで 日曜・12.7休廊  ※土曜は16:00まで
10:00-18:00 Closed on Sundays and December 7th
10:00-16:00 Saturdays
中央区役所向かい、銀座駅からも近い新富町に移転し2年ぶりにXmas アートフェスタに参加いたします。今年は日本画作家による『冬』をテーマにした心温まる小品をご紹 介します。 出品作家:野口満一月、高崎昇平、高島圭史ほか
After moving to a new location in Shintomicho, across from the Chuo Ward Office and nearby Ginza Station, our gallery is participating in Christmas Art Festa for the first time in two years. For this installment, we will present small winter-themed Nihonga paintings that are sure to warm the heart. The artists: Mitsuki Noguchi,Shohei Takasaki,Keishi Takashima etc.
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