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​たいせつなもの展 Ah/Un
Something Precious Exhibition  Ah / Un
12.6 Fri. −  20 Fri.
11:00-19:00 12.6は21:00まで 会期中無休 
11:00-19:00 Open every day during the exhibition
11:00-17:00 Saturdays, Sundays and last day
新元号を迎え、初となる本展のテーマは 「Ah/Un」。阿吽と いう言葉が意味する範囲は非常に広く、美術表現において 伝統的に扱われてきたこの深遠なテーマから、現代の作家 たちはどのようなイメージを汲み上げるのでしょうか。 
勝田えみ《komainu》《shishi》 檜・布  各H37×W13.5×D11.5cm
As Japan enters a new era of its history, the theme of our first exhibition will be “Ah - Un”. The term “ah – un” possesses an extremely broad range of meaning and has a long tradition of association with artistic expression. We look forward to seeing what images the theme conjures for the contemporary artists in this exhibition.How will the selected artists face the edge of the new era and leave their footprints?
SEIZAN Gallery
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