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Seiichi Kasai Solo Exhibition
12.3 Tue. −  14 Sat.
10:00-19:00 12.6は21:00まで 会期中無休  ※土曜・日曜は11:00 -17:00
10:00-19:00 Open every day during the exhibition
11:00-17:00 Saturdays and Sundays
昨年、練馬区立美術館の展覧会で観る人々に静寂 の中に勇気と感動を与えた笠井誠一の個展を開催 致します。 今展では「花」「静物」を中心に精力的に 描かれた作品20数点を展覧致します。 
Following on last year’ s show at the Nerima Art Museum, we present a solo exhibition by Seiichi Kasai, whose works are composed of silent scenes that fill viewers with a sense of courage and passion. This exhibition will feature 20 or more works that focus on flowers and still lifes.
笠井誠一《黄色いボトルとレモンのある卓上静物》 15号
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