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Yuki Hoshino Solo Exhibition - “Ano Ko ni Narenai “
12.5 Thu. −  14 Sat.
10:30-18:30 12.6は21:00まで 会期中無休 
10:30-18:30 Open every day during the exhibition
星野有紀の作品を初めて観た時、こちらを射抜くような 視線の少女像に一瞬で魅了されました。 今もなお、描か れる少女は作家の思いを代弁してくれているのでしょ う。 3回目の個展となります。ぜひご高覧ください。
When we saw Yuki Hoshino’ s artwork for the first time, we were instantly charmed by her depictions of young women, often possessing a gaze that seems to pierce through the viewer. Even now, the female figures in her paintings continue to serve as stand-ins for the thoughts and feelings of the artist. This will be her third solo exhibition with the gallery. We look forward to your visit.
星野有紀《慈愛の宝石》 油彩  22.7×15.8cm  2019年
Gallery Art Morimoto
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